Five step effort that works out fully for toned body

Getting a super toned body is a dream for almost every one of us. People generally desire for a balance weight throughout and an exercise which hits and targets each area individually is the dumbbell thrust.
This move is basically a full squat moving up and down in a process of butt and arms. This exercise will let you lose weight and shape your entire body.

It is an overhead process which can easily be performed at home or anywhere with a dumbbell. Strength and conditioning is a complementary if you perform this exercise giving your 100% effort.


Let us see how this exercise works out:-
1. At first, you need to stand straight with feet half meters apart with weight on shoulders.

2. Putting your weight on your heels and to get to a squash position.

3. Now, from the squat position you need to stand straight again pushing your heels and extending your weight above your head into an overhead press.

4. You need to wait for around 4 to 5 seconds before putting the dumbbell into shoulders.

5. Repeat the same process.

This easy to read exercise is surely not a piece of cake. You need to do 7-8 rounds of 25 seconds each but for the beginning start with 5 rounds of 25 seconds. This is no joke that …The more you sweat, the more you lose at the end of the day. At the beginning, you will hate pain but later on you will understand that pain is the foundation of life.

This is the plan that will get you the sexy, toned body you want, without making you look bulky or masculine. Even if you tried, you couldn’t get a bulky masculine body because your body doesn’t make the right hormones.

All you need to get in shape is the right nutrition and this workout plan – that’s it.