Six tools to carry for a run

If you enjoy running miles day to day in a marathon then run. It’s awesome! This is a platform which brings out the best in you. But never jump on the bandwagon thinking that if he runs 30 miles a day and loses weight…I will do the same. Kindly Stop following the crowd blindly!

While running in a marathon, you may feel drowsy and tired but it is not necessary to plan so much for a day without taking breaks or drinking water. There must be some strategies which you must adopt from your coach, trainer and some experienced athletes and learn from them. Grab them to have a stress free run!

Some strategies which I have observed from the well known experienced athletes are:-

  1. Extra water

It is obvious if you run you will feel dehydrated and sweaty so you need water. It is a foolishness that you need to rush to other people pleading for water. Water works as a fuel to energize your body and keep you hydrated. Therefore, fortify yourself enough before and during the run to avoid a hiccup during your run. Try to take a throw away bottle so that it is easy to trash it down and have two or three sips before the race and avoid much water during the marathon.


  1. Music

It is ok if you don’t want to listen music during marathon over a belief that your performance will affect but listen to music prior to your performance which will boost your energy during the competition. This will also help to inhibit your soul with confidence and zeal.

  1. Back pack

Backpacks are lightweight hence, easy to handle. Carrying a backpack while running is a must as it is easy to handle things especially water should be handy. It is easy to find goods and secure your belongings. Backpacks helps you prevent wastage of time. This contributes to the most comfortable and convenient run.

  1. Identification card

It is essential to have an identification card while running so that you have a proof of your identity. In an emergency, this is how first responders will identify you and will hunt your well wishers.

  1. Vest with pockets

Before going for a run, ensure to have a vest with pocket so that it is easy to carry money so that you not need to rush during the need of money. Also, medication in the form of carrying medicines is very important as it will help you with small injury or a pain during your run.

  1. A map

Gone are the days when you need to carry a long route or an OS map for location. Keep tracking the location on your smart phone and find out the convenient and the shortest route for easy run.  Also, tell to your loved ones that where you are leaving for and when you will be back.


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