Have a perfect morning just by sitting on your bed.

Good morning sunshine! Looking to start a day with the shining mood and body? Yoga is the perfect solution.

We all love beds, of course! All of us in our life span get the keeda to wake up early at four or five in the morning and do yoga; but all goes in vain. Somehow we manage to ping alarm and wake up early but getting out of bed is the crux of the matter. The good thing with yoga is you can perform it on the bed itself! read more

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David vs Goliath: The plight of the minnows of Cricket

As New Zealand and Australia pulled up their socks and locked horns with each other in the final, the main question according to me was not who was going to take the much coveted trophy but my concern was regarding a controversial decision taken by the ICC, which has decided to limit the participation of the so called “minnows” or in other words associates to only two from the next ODI world cup in 2019. This decision taken from Dubai has created lot of hue and cry regarding the motives of the world cricket’s governing body. read more

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