Athletics being an integral part of the sports world comprises of many games in which the entire world competes in the Olympics. It is the most played sport throughout the world which includes the game like football as well which is the most popular game in the Europe and Latin America. It is a battle of the nations where players compete for gold in the individual level as well as the team level.athelete??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? read more

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SPORTSMANSHIP- The Talismanic Spirit

The celebrated Indian batsman and former captain Gundappa Vishwanath in a solitary off-cricket test match did something quite impeccable yet deviant. Following the dismissal of England’s wicket keeper Bob Taylor, he rushed to the umpire and had Taylor call him back to the crease, as he believed he had not taken the catch neatly. Decades later the illustrious batsman said in an interview, “Do you know I am still jeered for that?” referring to that decision of recalling Taylor. read more

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