4 Bizarre sports you did not know existed

The world is full of wonder and when it comes to sports it is no less wonderful. Here is a list of 4 such sport that we are not sure if you know existed. Truly bizarre.

1. Sepak Takraw:

Played in South East Asia it is also called as kick volleyball it is a very tough cross between football and volleyball. We think a prerequisite to be a Sepak Takraw player is to be an Olympic gymnast and to have a very sick kicking ability. The rules are simple, do not let the ball fall. We have an Indian National team as well.


2. Shin Kicking:

The rules are pretty simple, kick the opponent on the shin and knock him down. Started in the 17th century, England it is played annually at the Cotswold Olimpick Games. So next time you and your friends want to settle a bet through a sport then this might be a good way to do it, remember though that the shoes are soft and the shin are protected with straw.


3. Octopush:

Started in England in 1954 this sport takes water sport to a new level. Snorkels ready they are looking to score goals on each other, and as the video suggests it is looking to make in roads to the Olympic. Only one question, where will the spectators sit. inside the pool?


4. Finger jousting:

Finger jousting much be the best thing to happen to sports. The idea is to touch the opponent with the index finger, so it is mercy without the chants. Another fun sport to get involved in and how cool would it be to say that you challenge someone at jousting, Finger jousting and won. So go ahead try ‘your hand’ at it.



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