5 Inspirational sports stories.

The world of sports increasingly contributes inspiring sports persons every day. Importantly, at this digital age we can’t hide our past inspiring sports personalities, who were not much familiar to the world. So here is a chance to enrich your sports spirit from 5 inspirational stories you will never come across. Hope you enjoy it.

  1. J Mac

The story of Joy MCElwain is bit out of the bound. The 5’6” J Mac is a uremic equipment manager of a high school basketball team, who catches fire in the match and dropped 6 three points and a two point for an unbeatable game thrives to 20 points in total. Shockingly, he acquired that kind of at the last four minutes of the match as soon he gets to play.

It’s quite impressive to make that much stuff.

Anyway this is not only for the aspect of getting Inspiration. At this day, the world is moving towards some bullied and abusive ways. Many children are not motivated in proper ways to catch that kind of sports fire. However it’s unbelievable to see a basketball team with different spirits?

J Mac

  1. Terry Fox

In Canadian history, Terry Fox is one of the most inspiring athletes of all time, who offered his passion for a cause.

In 1997 after being losing his right leg to cancer he decided to, create difference for his living. So Terry Fox started his hope towards Marathon as an attempt to raise awareness and money for the cancer research. His Marathon run was across Canada, for 26 miles a day, but badly his cancer spread to his lungs, which made Fox to separate from Marathon for 143 days and 3339 miles. But even today he was a national hero of the entire country, whose name also known as Wayne Gretzky.

Terry Fox

  1. Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton will be one of the most inspirational person and amazing personality. At the age of 13, Bethany had been attacked by a tiger shark near costal of Kauai and painfully he lost his entire left arm. But he had never given up his dream of becoming a professional surfer. He was back to the waters to board his passion

At present Hamilton is 21 years old and of course a pro-surfer. Also a book and documentary called Soul Surfer praising her story.


  1. Natalie du Toit

South African Natalie du Toit was a committed swimmer on the target of achieving her first Olympic games in 2001, In fact in an auto accident her left leg was squashed below the knee.

But amazingly, the swimmer continued his carrier in swimming by winning 10 gold medals in year 2004 and 2008. She still competes against able-bodied swimmers and in freestyle swimming of 800 meters, she won the gold medal. In spite of her disability, her passion and spirit gives success to her life.Jack.


  1. Jack Mitchell

During the time where women did not encouraged with too many opportunities for sports, Jackie Mitchell became a professional baseball pitcher with her own interest. She was contract by the Double –A Chattanooga lookouts at age of 17, in the year 1931. In her first match she faced against New York Yankees, her strike was back to back.

Jackie Mitchell

So many conspiracies would have risen in those days for her stunning strikeouts.


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