5 Unconventional Sports

Every once in a while, when mainstream sport gets boring, it is good to play something out of the ordinary to make your day brighter. Well, some of these sports might make your day even bleaker but they surely are amazing to check out. Here is a list of five such sports.


beer pong

Well, we’ve all been there. Beer Pong is the combination of two activities – drinking and ping pong. Usually played over a ping pong table, drinks are arranged in the increasing order of their worth and if a player is able to ping the ball into the drink, he has the drink. This is an extremely fun sport which leaves you quite drunk at the end but finding amazing levels of accuracy despite the increasing intoxication, thus displaying the true powers of the human brain.


sheep counting

Do you remember your mom telling you to count sheep when you can’t sleep? Well, some people in Australia apparently took it too seriously and made it a part of their sporting calendar. In one of the most bewildering sport, a fixed number of sheep dash across the participants who are expected to count them after the glimpse which lasts a few seconds. The contestant with the most accurate guess is considered the winner. Usually, this sport favours those with identical memory capabilities but one can perhaps get lucky at with their guesses too. Wonder what the contestants would do to go to sleep now.


two handed tennis

Professor Don Mueller, bored by mainstream media decided to invent his own brand of tennis one day. Well, it involved playing with two racquets and he reached out to those with weak backhands…simple have two racquets and play two forehands instead. The rules are similar to tennis except for the weird fact that two racquets are allowed and players can strike the ball with both hands. Why limit yourself to being Nadal OR Federer when you could be both?



In what has got to be the weirdest sport ever, contestants row and race each other in their bathtubs. While this maybe similar to rowing, it is entirely bizarre that there are World Championships for this particular sport. The usual course is a 100 meter race and it is quite popular in North America, especially Canada. In fact, it originated in Canada where the first such race was held and the bathtubs were motor powered. The limits of the bizarreness of human thought is presented in a microcosm by the existence of this sport.



Oh Ms. Rowling. If spoiling our childhood with those addictive books weren’t enough, your fictional game created ripples in real world sports as sport enthusiasts decided to transform quidditch to the real world. Quaffles are similar to the quidditch in JK Rowling’s books as three hoops are manned by a keeper and chasers try to score goals through the hoops. The bizarre part is, the players have to run around with a broomstick between their legs. The player is considered to be out of the game if a bludger (hit by a beater) hits him. The flying snitch is mimicked by a man running around with a tail and trying to be hard to catch by the seekers. All in all, if grown men running around with broomsticks chasing another man’s tail isn’t bizarre, what is!