Rock Climbing- A Brave New World

As the world continuously expands and globalizes, intertwining with cultures from various parts of the world so does the world of Sports. Rock Climbing for instance is a sport which comparatively to others is like “the new kid on the block”. On setting from merely the last quarter of the nineteenth century it has rapidly grown and grasped the interest and imagination of various potential athletes. Glorious ascends have been by some of the best climbers around the world every year by pushing the limits on terrains that seem nigh impossible.

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It has a vague meaning at best what generally encompasses the term “climbing”; for there is a difference in mountaineering and rock climbing. The former is referred to when one associates in scaling an entire mountain which requires a wide range of initiation in various levels of topography and altitude, equipment handling and at least basic techniques in rock climbing, ice climbing etc. The latter is simply climbing a rock or a cliff/wall with equipment such as belay devices, rope, quick draw’s and of course climbing shoes. Rock climbing has two forms; Bouldering and Sport climbing. Bouldering is also referred to as free climbing because it involves no safety except a “crash pad” to fall down upon but it also involves ascends not more than 5-6 meters in height while sport climbing involves ascends upon wall’s that may extend up to 35 meters in vertical length, so it goes without saying that equipment is mandatory to climb in this field. rock climbingIt is virtually seen as a sport which requires, a good amount of upper body strength, which is true but it primarily involves your finger and your forearm muscles along with the torso and your back muscles. The test of your physical endurance is tested here not by the amount of push-ups one can do or the amount of weight one can lift, it is purely a fight against your own body weight with gravity taking a toll like never before… But then however, there is this constant effort mentally one has to put to suppress physical fatigue, wherein lies the metal that is to be tested. This raging battle between you mind versus your body. Climbing really is that wholesome package of the only dual characters applied in sports but unlike the rest, your opponent here is not another but the the wall or the boulder itself and therefore somewhere when you look deeper, the rival here is only you and you realize like I did, what it means that anyone and everyone has the power to push any limit he/she may aspire to.

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