Get! Set! Go! A day left for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Despite increasing level of pollution and deadly smog in the last few days Airtel Delhi Half Marathon has survived all of this and came out as a warrior. The marathon will take place Sunday morning, 19th November in the National Capital categorizing the runs into Half Marathon(21.097 km), Timed 10k Run (10km), Great Delhi Run (6km), Senior Citizens’ Run (4 km) and Champions with Disability run (2.2 Km).

It seemed as if it is ought to happen as regardless of several warnings by Indian Medical Association(IMA) and the Delhi High Court decision to hold the event last week but later allow it, the organizers of the event mentioned that this is a green event which must not be cancelled which will help the participants to remove discomfort from the pollutants.

The head of the organizers Vivek Singh said, “It is a platform to bring environmental awareness to the society. It also raises a huge amount of money for charity. It is the collective effort of several stakeholders.”

It was also mentioned that through the entire 21 kms course of the race, they are sprinkling salt treated effluent water to effectively settle the dust on the roads. This Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is categorized into races of 5km, 10km and 21km with 35,000 people registering themselves.

Do ensure to take proper measures and extra caution to have a trouble-free run, as experts said. Several ambulances would be placed at certain distances along the route equipped with oxygen tanks and nebulizers would also be placed so that no contamination can stand as a hurdle for the runners.

So, if you are participating in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, then before going be fresh as a daisy, tighten your laces and do not forget to wear a mask for a happy run.


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