How to avoid injury in sports

Playing sports is a lot of fun. It comes up with a lot of benefits to help you to get fit and healthy. But, you don’t want to get hurt. The most common injuries are Groin strain, shin splints, Lower back pain, pulled muscles, runner’s knee, ankle sprain, shoulder injury and tennis elbow. Follow these precautions:

Wear safety equipments

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Wear a good pair of shoes, necessary pads, helmets, knee, mouth, and wrist guards. Make sure it fits you. Wear light clothes in which you feel most comfortable.

Warm Up

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If you directly go to the field and start to play, you will be more prone to injury. Stretch yourself in the practice session. Try doing light jogging before going to play. Practice Yoga and exercise that will add flexibility to your muscles. Training is a necessity.

Watch out for others

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Make sure that you don’t get hurt by other players. You might get hurt from a player running towards you in a football match. Similarly, if you play cricket, make sure you don’t collide with other players while catching the ball.

Know the rules

Instead of trying to tackle the players, try to gain the possession. If you go after the players, chances are that they will try to hurt you or rather you might end up hurting them.

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Take rest

Try to take proper rest as a sports person. Allow muscles and tissues to repair. Take proper sleep of at least 8-9 hours including one day off every week and one month off every year. When tired, don’t stretch yourself. Avoid playing in pain.


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Remain hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the exercise or play. Eat Plenty of Protein and carbohydrates. Take balanced diet to help your body grow.

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