Behnaz Shafiei


Does the groan of a bike turn you on? Trembling hands, the gush of wind through your hair and the adrenaline rush keeps it going for many youngsters. There are also those who cannot live without spending a considerable amount of time with their best friends-bikes. One such youngster is Behnaz Shafiei.10314595_677743422309419_5312336572005895580_n

What’s surprising is that she is a woman from Iran where there are stringent rules that keep women far off from the race tracks. There are only 6 women who have full motorcycle license in Iran but then are again prevented from coming anywhere near the tracks. She not only rides the so called ‘only for men machines’ but also performs stunts and does dirt racing too. Allowing women to take part in sports like these seems a far off call but still it’s time to start breaking the ice ceiling. She wants to be an inspiration to all those girls and women who dream to take up adventure sports which have been portrayed as a man’s domain. At 26, she has 15 years of experience behind years, but she can race only in the outskirts of the city that too under the protection of her veil-the helmet. Most onlookers mistake her for a man until of course the helmet comes off.  For a passion filled heart these restrictions are too binding similar to keeping a beast bin its cage. Here though the beast is her powerful bike cruising the sands of the deserts. Will her passion be recognized and can she climb up the rungs of this sport. Can the beauty conquer? Only time will tell…10942610_349052491953834_8031728845037121095_n

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