How to choose a perfect badminton racquet?

Every player knows his ups and downs and his frequency to perform the game. There are three variants in which a player is distinguished i.e. a casual player, regular player, intensive player. These are the categories which are assigned according to the time he devotes to this sport. Choosing the best products for your sport is a dilemma as to where to choose from or which product suits your needs the best.

Now let’s think of the characteristics of a badminton racquet which is a main product in the sport of badminton. I have seen people going against the odds and following the crowd blindly like:-

a) Using the most expensive racquet

b) Asking for the same racquet of best badminton player

In the name of increasing the performance you’ll end up hurting yourself with injuries down the road and being unsatisfied with your play.

If the racquet is wrong, this can damage your performance but if taken right, it can do wonders!

1. Weight of the racquet

If you are a beginner, then you must carry 85-90g of racquet weight which will plunge your performance. These are light weighted and hence, easy to control.

Heavy racquets accumulate more momentum and give you power as it is a power racquet but it is hard to control. So one need proper practice become using this into play.

2. Balance

Visualize holding a badminton racquet handle from the centre. If you prefer more control, then you may add more weight on the handle and if you prefer more power, then you may add more weight on the racquet head.

To have a higher balance over your racquet and shuttle, you need to place a finger more close to the racquet head and similarly, if you place your finger closer to racquet handle, the balance becomes lower.

3. Shape of the frame

Not only weight and balance, shape is the prime factor of how the subject will travel to the opponent’s court.

Isometric and conventional frame are the two shapes you need to choose from. The only difference between the two is the sweet spot.

Isometric frame has larger sweet spot whereas conventional has smaller sweet spot. You’ll perform a high quality shot if the shuttle lands on a conventional frame. For more quality shots, you should choose isometric frames as it is mostly used nowadays.

Did you make or choice? Take enough time to practice before going for the competition and choose the racquet your hand is most comfortable in! All the best!