Clash of the Titans

Seldom does it happen that two perfectionists, in a field, lock horns and bring the best out of one another. One of its fine examples is showcased in the goliath standoff between the Portuguese star Christiano Ronaldo and the Argentinean wonder Lionel Messi.

Both the players came from a humble background, seeking to play football with nothing to lose and at the very same time everything to lose, both gradually arose to the top tier with their perseverance, becoming their titan figures. One with mesmerizing grace in the English Premiere League with Manchester United FC, simply devastating the opposing team. The other nurtured and mustered under the Catalan club of FC Barcelona, to become one of the most revered player’s ever to enter the field.

C.Ronaldo belongs to a class of players who have perfected their technique and skill beyond what others can Cristiano Ronaldopossibly fathom. Everything that makes this man a supreme hunter of the ball is his hard work and determination on the training ground which he flaunts with undeniable grace and unyielding arrogance on the field. Ronaldo’s awe-inspiring agility with lightening fast footwork makes any defender in the world breathe a sigh of relief for not being at the opposite end of this skirmish. Currently the star plays for the much respected and admired club of Real Madrid FC, who despite their entire star studded squad claim Christiano to be their gem in it.

MessiLionel Messi on the other hand is a player, one watching would think, has an angel looking over him, has perhaps a divine flair about him; a gift to play football even before the birth of the individual. Rendering his services to his boyhood club FC Barcelona till date, he is treasured beyond any measure. Having the ball under his feet it perhaps seems it is glued to his feet. Every dribble is like a hurricane set in motion constantly laying blows on top of blows upon the opposition. One of the sport’s finest to have been produced over the ages, dazzling us with every touch of his foot. A trademark signature move by the Argentinian is when the attacker diagonally runs cutting past multiple opponents and then switches to shoot from his left boot what routinely follows is the ball being discovered in the back of the net.

Both, are a joy to watch, and ever eager is the dearly anticipated fixture of the “El Classico”; the mammoth clash between clash between Europe’s most coveted and glamorous clubs; Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona. Even from a neutral’s perspective the prospect of the el classico is mouthwatering. The respective sides play with their own favored game styles. The Catalans play with the poise of holding on to ball possession and thus so frustrating the opponents by passing the ball constantly in between tight spaces, calling it “tiki-taka”. While their arch rivals in their spotless white jerseys, hailing from Madrid have a lightning fast counter attacking style of football, precisely to catch their opponent off guard. With the stakes this high, our two maestros’ are usually at the helm of the action.

The stage is set, for perhaps the advent of the greatest duel to be witnessed in the field of football for whenever C.Ronaldo and Lionel Messi step on the playing field, limits have often been pushed and the bars have never been higher.