Couch Potato Workout

Curtains drawn, chilled AC room and a snuggly bed filled with packets and packets of food. You know summer is here. Being 40 degrees outside, we know how mammoth the task is to drag oneself out of bed.  And why should you? Summer is all about relaxing, chilling, catching up on your favorite shows, relaxing, sleeping, and meeting your buds. Did I mention relaxing?
For many, getting to the gym regularly is simply not an option, but it doesn’t mean that their fitness levels have to plummet. There are plenty of exercises to do right in the comfort of your own home, all while sitting on your couch. It’s the perfect way to stay in shape while watching the big game, spending time with your family or relaxing during a night in. And the best part? You don’t miss out on any of your favorite shows (Yes, this remains the most crucial criteria.)

Every hour-long television program contains approximately six commercial breaks that last 3 minutes each, so you can get a total body workout without missing a scene. Bonus: Exercising during breaks cuts down on snacking. So, it doesn’t matter if its Suits or Sherlock that is keeping you glued to the television, you can still do justice to your body. Just follow the routine below, and look in the mirror tomorrow and thank yourself.

1. Sofa Squat

It works on your butt and thighs. To perform sofa squats, simply stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, knees aligned directly over ankles. Place your hands on the hips, and squat down to sit on the edge of the couch but let your butt only tap edge. Hold that position and then rise. Do two sets of 15 reps.

Benefits: This exercise will strengthen your hamstring, quad and glute muscles and will help you in body balance.


2. Leg Raises

It would be rather difficult to perform leg raises on the couch than on the floor as your support base is reduced. To do this exercise, sit on the edge of the couch or you can sit on the edge of a chair, and shift back slightly so that your back is in a horizontal position. Now try raising and lowering your legs off the floor for a total of six to ten reps. This is a challenging exercise and requires practice.

Benefits: This exercise will generate an increase in your hip flexor muscles and lower and upper abdominal muscles.


3. Split Lunge

It works on your thighs and calves. Stand in front of the couch, extend left leg back, resting the ball of your foot on the couch, hands on the hips. Bend your right knee 90 degrees (make sure it doesn’t go beyond your toes), press through heel and return to start. Do 20 reps, switch legs and repeat 2 sets.

Benefits: This exercise will strength your muscles in the thighs and calves and create an awareness of body posture and balance.


4. Incline Push Up

Place your hands and shoulders width apart on the edge of the couch, walk feet back so legs are straight and you’re up on your toes. Bend elbows and lower your chest towards the couch, push back up. Do this exercise with your abs pulled in and hips aligned.

Benefits: This exercise works on your chest, arms and shoulders. It also tightens your core muscles in the abdominal region.


5. Remote Rear Fly

Lie face down on sofa, left arm off edge and extended toward the floor, holding the remote or a lightweight. Make sure you’re on your toes, tightening your abs. Raise remote up and out to shoulder height, squeezing shoulder blades together, hold two counts, and lower.  Do 15 reps, switch sides and repeat.  Do two sets with each arm.

Benefits: This exercise works on your back and shoulders and tightens the muscles in the abdominal region.


So don’t let being homebound stop you from staying in good shape. A couch potato workout doesn’t take much time and it will definitely go a long way in helping you maintain your physical conditioning. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that couch and start working out!





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