David vs Goliath: The plight of the minnows of Cricket

As New Zealand and Australia pulled up their socks and locked horns with each other in the final, the main question according to me was not who was going to take the much coveted trophy but my concern was regarding a controversial decision taken by the ICC, which has decided to limit the participation of the so called “minnows” or in other words associates to only two from the next ODI world cup in 2019. This decision taken from Dubai has created lot of hue and cry regarding the motives of the world cricket’s governing body.

The whole cricketing fraternity of the world couldn’t decipher the intention behind this decision which seems draconian for the associates. While the main aim of the parent body of world cricket should be publicizing the sport instead the decision they have taken leaves an impression that they are doing the opposite. The whole cricketing society was taken by awe when they came to know come next ODI world cup in 2019 they Afghanistan cricket teamwill see less of Kevin O’ Brien, Md Nabi , Shamik Patel , and the likes of Brendan Taylor( only if he decides to come back and serve his country). We being the spectators will surely miss thrilling performances by these minnows and how over the years they have continued to thrill us with their brilliant display on the pitch. Who can forget how Ireland defeated Pakistan in 07, England in 11 and West Indies in 2015? Who can forget the breath taking catch by Dwayne Leverock against India in 07? And it will be injustice if we forget the hitting skills of Ryan Ten Doeschate or Brendan Taylor. Who knows maybe a day will come when a particular batsman from an associate country will be the owner of the No 1 ranking in ODI? Or maybe it will be the associates who will chase down 400+ runs against a test playing nation, whatever it might be at the end of the day the winner will be cricket. But the decision taken by the ICC will surely not cater to the needs of the associates. Limiting their opportunity will surely not help ICC as they will lose out on television revenue and even on match tickets, merchandise sales and anything and everything that is connected with it.

The minnows have to fight for their rights and place in the cricketing world and I’m sure their big brothers will lend a hand towards them, but as of now I see their struggle against the ICC similar to that of David vs Goliath, but I sincerely do hope they defeat the odds and once again come afloat on the cricketing map of the world because as you know already David defeated Goliath.