Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched

Celebrating small wins with the entire team is acceptable. But not at the cost of the game itself, isn’t it? Certain times, players lose control over their emotions and tend to celebrate their wins even before the declaration. And the probability that the opposition team takes the win in this period is more likely.

No matter what the sport is, there’s one hard-and-fast rule: make sure you’ve won before you celebrate the win also put as “it’s not over till the fat lady sings.”

25th April 2010.

It was yet another day for a hopeless wanderer, but not for the Serbian professional basketball player Dusan Kecman. Partizan won its fourth consecutive Adriatic League title. A game is all about winning and losing, but the lesson this match taught is impeccable. It reawakened the golden rule of sports.

“Never celebrate a victory until the game is actually over.”

This game had one of the most amazing finishes at any level. Cibona trailed 68-72 with seconds left but back-to-back triples by Marko Tomas and Bojan Bogdanovic gave their team a 74-72 edge with 0.6 seconds left, but Kecman stole the show right when it mattered. Kecman sank a shot that will go down in history as one of the most incredible ones in Adriatic League history.

After a pair of missed free throws from Partizan, Cibona raced up the court and nailed a three-pointer from the baseline to take a one-point lead. Although there were still 0.6 seconds left, Cibona celebrated on the court.


But the game was not over, as the celebrators would soon learn. Dusan Kecman of Partizan heaved a 75-footer with time expiring and banked it in for the improbable victory. They’re usually called buzzer beaters in the lexicon of basketball.

Dusan Beyond-half-court-shot

See for yourself how incredible this match was and that too a final.

However, this is just one of the many cases where a game flipped its course. You’re not going to get a better finish than that!

Let alone basketball, premature celebrations are one of the common phenomena in the field of sports. In 2012, swimmer Michael Fred Phelps II lost to Chad le Clos (in the 200 meter butterfly), whereas the mob believed he won, and ended up celebrating his silver. Although, winning silver in the Olympics is worth it.

But hey that isn’t a bad story after all! Who might know that sometimes celebrating too early might mean you don’t celebrate at all!