Driving age of Games and Sports

From the old generation to new generation the Sports and games have been a part of human life. The sport plays a major role in our day today life. It helps the human in many aspects. Especially most of the children’s are learning from the earlier stage of sports and games. Accordingly, theirs involvement leads them happier and healthier life. When comparing the sports into our practical life, it gives various standards similar to our human growth.


From the ancient days, the games are something like a traditional activities which is been played till now and also it follows the future. First sports were started from earliest period of 2000B.C in an Egyptian tomb; an archeologist found many wrestling pictures which are made followed still.


Obviously most part of our childhood days are covered by games and sports. A Committee on sports and children has proposed the potential benefits of sports, in developing children’s are documented. A sport is a good medicine which keeps the children’s body to be fit physically as well as mentally. It also keeps the brain fresh which is emotionally challenged. Teens are benefited in playing cards and board games, which provides a quiet and competitive outlet where they can interact with peers.



Adults are in need of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week, coupled with muscle-strengthening exercise at least two times a week, and according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Adults are likely to play sports such as tennis, basketball or racquetball to achieve their goal. All these games qualify as aerobic activities which have fun. Involving indoor games help the adults to relieve from stresses of daily life.


Senior Citizens

Senior citizens must involve in sports and exercise to taste the benefit for better health, which increase body balance, flexibility and a reduction in effect of illness. Most senior citizens have problem that they will not have better sleep at night. For boosting their self-confidence and better exercises are must. In addition to psychological concepts, it has been found that, playing games gives improvement in their memory, reasoning ability and congestive functions.


Benefits of Games

A study reported in the “New England Journal of Medicine” concluded that board games and exercise were associated with a decrease risk for people. Games should be played by all age people to keep their body and mind fit. Sports lead to better education of children. Playing games together will keep strengthening the families. From this I conclude that all peoples are wished to play games and sports which is very important to our life.

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