Exercise and Stress Relief

With today’s cut throat competition and the race to finish projects and assignments before deadline, stress has become a part of life for most, be it school students, servicemen, or business professionals. People don’t realize the need to take care of their mind and body, which is equally necessary for their development as an individual. A calm mind helps one make rational and practical decisions, and also makes sure stress related diseases can be minimized.

Stress has become inevitable, yes, but it can be managed properly and kept under check, if one takes the necessary steps. We might not realize now, but later in our life, the chances of heart related diseases increase a lot because of stress. Exercise not only helps in improving our physical condition, but it also helps in eliminating stress. It helps us to have a fit body and mind. There is no harm in walking or cycling for 30 minutes a day, as even doing that can help us reduce stress.

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Studies have found that exercise helps us in sleeping better at night; it uplifts the mood, reduces stress and improves concentration and alertness. As there are many nerve connections in our body, the whole body starts getting affected once we undergo stress, as it takes a heavy toll on the brain. Physical activity and exercise helps release endorphins, the natural pain killer of our body. Endorphins act as anti-depressants, and exercise can help fight mild depression. It helps increase our self-confidence, and lowers the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Even a low intensity workout makes us energetic and zealous and improves our sleep. It helps in increasing the rate of production of brain cells. It reduces the anger and frustration, and takes our mind off the things that worry us or trouble us. Taking a walk for mere 10 minutes a day can act as a stress buster for us. Physical activities take our mind off issues that cause anxiety and stress in us, be it work related or anything.

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Meditation, taking deep breaths, aerobic activities like walking, cycling, jogging, all these activities work as stress busters. They help in increasing our stamina and endurance. So instead of being dependent on cigarettes or any other forms of relaxants, people should be actively involved in exercises, as it is the safer and healthier way to reduce stress. Regular exercise helps improve our immune system, and protect us from diseases. It also gives us an opportunity for self-evaluation and self-realization, and we come to know what is best for us.


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