Federer vs Nadal on clay

There is always an unspoken battle going on between the fans of these, two greats of the game. One started way before the other and has already had a fair amount of success in the International arena. While the Swiss master was considered the greats of all time to have graced the court, the Spaniard was seen as breath of fresh air with aggression and passion like never seen on the court.

First meet with sweet shock

The duo met for the first time in March 2004 for the Miami Masters (third round). The results were predicted to be in favor of the currently No.1 ranked Federer over the lesser known 17 year old boy from Spain. But the Spanish young star didn’t let nerves get to him and went on to win the Swiss player in straight sets making the world sit up and look at him.

Start of the Clay Regime

Two months later again the Spanish star beats the legend in the semifinals of French Open en route to his first Grand Slam title. That year gave the tennis sport one of the best ever clay court player of all times. The Spaniards journey in clay was a dream run after that making him win the French open for a record number of 9 times. He enjoyed a winning streak of straight 81 wins on this surface which was broken by none other than the Legend himself.

Battle of Surfaces

People started criticizing that the Swiss great has lost his sheen and can never win against the King in his fortress but the Federer being himself, rebounded against Nadal in the Madrid Masters final to showcase why he is one of the best in business. Even though Nadal holds career advantage of 13-2 in clay surface against the Swiss legend, when it comes to hard court and grass Federer has his own fortress built around it.

2008 Wimbledon Final

The most anticipated match of the year between the world top ranked rivals which turned out to be the best ever match in history of Tennis. Rain god made his presence felt to witness history being made. The match went on for a record time of 4hour and 48 minutes, the longest ever Wimbledon final. Unlike other times the result was never easy to predict. The match was evenly poised but as everything good comes to an end the Spaniard emerged winner with sets 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7.

Beyond comparison horizon

The duos have had a fair share of loss and wins facing each other, in some cases one bettering the record of the other. None the less the Tennis court would feel proud to have seen these two face-off each other. Comparing Nadal’s cross-court forehand and topspin and Federer’s flatter forehand and fast serve would be like comparing chalk and cheese just because they seem same.

Stop comparing and enjoy them until you get to cause legends are born only once.




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