Fitness at the Snap of your Finger- Playnlive Collaborates with SnapFitness

If you always thought fitness is an unachievable goal for you or it is just for that gym-going neighbour or the celebrity on TV, well you were wrong!

The journey is all about focus and a great guide to help you through. Snap Fitness, a global leader in the health and fitness genre makes your path to good health, a glorious and rewarding one. And what are we to say when this brand over the last few years has seen a fitness-focussed fan base all over the globe. In India it has helped in teaching the correct values and fitness ethics to a massive audience spread in more than 40 (and still counting) institutes and centres, in collaboration with Master Franchise Force Fitness since 2008.

Guaranteeing a fitness intervention and revolution in your life, Snap Fitness encourages the idea of making fitness a lifestyle, than a temporary goal. The fitness studios boasts of top-of-the-line equipment along with a personal touch to motivate you as you get fit and healthy in a stable and sustainable way.

One look at the well-planned infrastructure of these studios and you would want to make it a part of your new and improved healthy lifestyle.

Snap Fitness Team
The team is not restricted toan efficient group of trainers but consists of highly skilled and specialised employees in fields like nutrition, diet counselling, exercising to develop a holistic and suitable plan for a long term association with good health!

snap equipmentYou can also bring the fitness routine home with a wide range of home-gym products delivered at you doorstep by SnapFitness, all of them available at their stores!

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