Five ways to bring a lifestyle changes

Do you always feel it time to start a Fresh???? Do you think too often that you are too lazy or not fit to socialize??? Well then it is really a time to start a Fresh……

AND for that , we have to see whether we are fully prepared to do same or not. Getting prepare doesn’t mean that you have to start doing something from outside. Preparation starts from within first i.e to set up a GOAL for you and your targets…..

  1. Plan your DIET– For perfect meal plan, get away yourself from any temptations and strict with your diet and it will be more tempting after few weeks or months when you’ll see yourself in mirror amazingly good and your inner body fit and healthy. Planner should be weekly only, change it regularly with different set of fruits, salads, and detox drinks, low  calorie smoothie, protein diet and soups. Fill it carefully every Sunday for perfect monitoring.
  2. Workout to make it possible– Tough job! Waking up odd times and going for walk and gym. I can understand not easy to get into this routine but I am sure one thing if you’ll be in habit you just can’t change also. Your workout plan consists of stretching: 10 min, brisk walking: 15min, meditation: 10min, exercise: 10-15min. Music is important! It soothes your mind and divert too!
  3. Going out, carry your own snack box– It’s not difficult to carry box, for your strict healthy diet plan, make it super easy your strictness, carry your healthy meal with you and eat it regularly, rather than eating from outside.
  4. Enough Water– Drink enough water and feel that you are in deserted land and your body requires lots of hydration. This is best way to keep your skin glowing, healthy, any hair issues, any inner body issues etc. It gives you much energy when you are on your diet regime. As you should not starve and keep your energy low at any time. 7-8 litres of water in a day.
  5. Your GOAL Buddy– There must one person in your life who can PUSH you at odd times. It can be anyone weather family member or friend or any enemy for that matter!!!!!(enemy influence us the most)…Idea is to get influenced all times to achieve your GOAL.

Lets plan your diet and get ready for workout. Find all list of fitness centers in India

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