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A coach is the one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way.

It is not easy to become a coach. Effective coaching especially in sports does not only require skills but an ability to work under pressure. A coach has the role to influence the team, work with them and supervise them.

A coach must know the external and internal environment of sports before becoming a coach. In order to make a student/follower successful, it is the duty of a coach to apply transformation coaching. This sort of coaching is more essential than even just meeting immediate needs.  It is all about analyzing the follower’s potential and creating a common and shared objective.

Sports coaches are powerful role models for their followers. As a result, coaches play a multifaceted role in the life of athletes. It’s a role that goes beyond merely teaching the tenets of a sport.

Responsibility of a coach:-

  1. Teaching and Communication
  2. Motivating them
  3. Giving a unique approach and tech skill
  4. Injury Prevention and safety
  5. Providing feedback



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