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5 Must Have Foods if you are a Sportsman

Nutrition plays a major role in your physical and mental well-being. People in India are started to getting highly concerned about their nutrition, however, the sports-persons yet aren’t that much concerned.

Research has been going on about whether nutrition can change the genes or not which means it has the power to do the impossible. It should be a perfect balance of all the five food groups- cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables, minerals and vitamins, and fats.

The concentration definitely worries, but here are top 5 foods you must consume daily if you are into sports.

  • Egg

With a nutritive value of 100, eggs make to the top of the list. Normally, you might have heard people telling you to eat raw egg mixed in milk. STOP doing that, it is the myth and it is doing more harm to your body than any good. Eating boiled egg is preferred above everything else. Also, do not keep out the yolk and feed it to animals, you are missing out on a huge amount of nutrients. Eat two hard boiled eggs daily, the time depends on your schedule.eggs

  • Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to live long and have a good immunity level, fruits and vegetables are must. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables combined should be consumed daily. Do not go to the extremes and eat only fibrous or watery fruit or vegetable. Eat colored fruits and vegetables for best results. They are easy to gulp on, hardly takes any time.Fruits-and-Vegetables

  • Milk and Banana

Now that you are into sports you need your bones to be extremely strong. Milk has calcium as we all know, our mothers have always forced us to drink it every day till date, and banana is a rich source of phosphorous. Our skeleton is made of calcium and phosphorous in a 2:1 ratio and thus you require replenishing the reserves. One cup of milk and one banana is all that would take for keeping your bones healthy.pineapple-coconut-banana-smoothie

  • Nuts and dry fruits

Nuts and dry fruits can be your best friends. They are these little packages of large amount of energy and nutrients that keep you going on. Other than that, they contain some chemicals which aren’t present in other foods, for instance- consuming walnuts can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s. For making things easy you can mix all dry fruits and nuts together and store it in an airtight container. Eat a handful of them daily!JF20130724-Suntralis-132

  • Cereals

Last but not the least, consuming cereals is very important. They make most of the Indian diet and are the largest source of energy. Not only energy but they have certain amount of fat and minerals and vitamins. Sometimes, a point comes where coaches might ask you to completely stop carbs and consume only protein, don’t you dare to do that ever!Cereal



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