Games played in Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics is a major international sports event. It takes place every four years. The games are played on ice and snow.The original five Winter Olympics sports were bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, Nordic ski, and skating. Later, snowboarding, Skelton, freestyle skiing, Luge, skiing, short track speed skating were added. They are categorized as Nordic Sports, ice sports, and alpine/skiing/ snowboarding events.

The first winter Olympic Games took place in France (1924).

Winter Olympics is governed by International Olympics Committee (IOC).

The XXIII Winter Olympics (2018) is taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. A total of 102 events are taking place this year. There are total 15 sports disciplines:

Alpine skiing

The skier slides down snow-covered slopes with fixed-heel bindings. Also known as ‘regular skiing’, Alpine skiing discipline includes speed events and technical events that are downhill, combined, slalom, giant slalom and super giant slalom. Played both among men and women, it is introduced in the ongoing 2018 Winter Olympics for the first time.

Gold-Medal Tally: 11


Biathlon combines a couple of sports: rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. The sport requires accuracy and timing. It comprises of six events such as sprint, individual, pursuit, mass start race, relay and mixed relay race.

Gold-Medal Tally: 11


Bobsleigh is an efficient sport, it involves teams of two or four people that makes timed runs down a narrow, banked, twisting, ice tracks in a gravity-powered vessel.

Running speed is close to 100 mph with two or four persons with events like individual sprint classical, 10km freestyle, 15km freestyle, 4*5 relay and team sprint freestyle.

The final score is calculated by a combination of timed runs. The events often produce the most spectacular crashes.

Gold-Medal Tally: 3

Cross-country skiing

Skies rely more on their own movement to move across a snow-covered field. Cross-country skiing includes skiathlon, individual sprint qualification/ finals classical, 10 km freestyle, 15 km freestyle, 4km*5km relay, team sprint freestyle, mass start freestyle/classical. The competitors use a skating style technique. Compared to other sport, it is liable to less injury risk.

Gold-Medal Tally: 12


One of the strategic sports, Curling is also called ‘chess on ice’. Players in teams of four slide stones on a sheet of ice split in four circles towards a target area. Curler makes the stone that takes a curved path by causing it to turn as slides. The other two members use brooms to change the state of ice that changes the course of stone. Points are scored for stones resting closest to the circular target. It consists of events of men, women and Mixed doubles.

Gold-Medal Tally: 3

Freestyle Skiing

Initially featured as a demonstration sport, Freestyle skiing was introduced in the 1992 Winter Olympics. It involves flips and spins. Events included are aerials, ski half-pipe, moguls, ski slope-style, and ski cross.

Gold-Medal Tally: 10

Ice Hockey

Simple and easy sport to explain, hockey is played on ice. Two teams comprise six skaters with hooked sticks. They try to score goals on the opposition’s side. The goal net is quite small as compared to original hockey. The game includes two referees. Men and Women play separate games.

Gold-Medal Tally: 2


Luge is a small sled. Athletes sleds down on it for 1000 to 1500 meters while laying feet first and face up. It is the most precisely timed sports. The final score is calculated based on the four runs that take place in two days. The maximum speed can increase up to 140 km. Singles and doubles are played.

Gold-Medal Tally: 4

Nordic Combined

Nordic combined sport are cross country and jumping. It requires high technique, audacity and cross-country skiing that takes great physical strength. The events include Individual large hill per 10km, Individual normal hill per 10km, and Team large hill/4km*5km.

Gold-Medal Tally: 3

Short track speed skating

The competition takes place on ice sink where the skaters hit speeds of 30 miles per hour. It is one the most difficult sports where crashes are common. It includes four or six competitors in an oval track. The race involves a minimum distance of 500 meters up to 3000 meters. The sport permits overtaking.

Gold-Medal Tally: 8


While lying their face down, Riders hit speeds of 80 mph on a small sled, headfirst, at high-speed down a frozen track. It looks opposite to Luge but is a completely different sport. Both men and women play this sport.

Gold-Medal Tally: 2

Ski Jumping

As the name suggests, ski jumping involves jumping off hills and skies. A total of five judges calculate the points based on flying, landing, and style. Events include Normal/ Large hill individual, large hill team.

Gold-Medal Tally: 4


The first games of snowboarding featured in the Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014. Athletes descend a snow-covered hill on a snowboard. The events include parallel giant slalom, half-pipe, big air, slopestyle, snowboard cross.

Gold-Medal Tally: 10

Speed Skating

Speed Staking involves two athletes who wear skate to compete speeding on a 400m ice track. It involves long track speed skating, marathon speed skating, and short track speed skating. Races are from 500 meters up to 10,000 meters including mass start and team pursuit.

Gold-Medal Tally: 14

Figure Skating

It is dancing on ice with style. Athletes wear bladed skates to do series of maneuvers / acrobatic movements. Events include single skating, pair skating, team skating and ice dance.

Gold-Medal Tally: 5


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