Health is wealth

7 ways to stay healthy

This is the world of technology, in which every person is busy with their education and duties. But what about health? Do we really remember the quote “Health is Wealth”? There is no use of hell lot of money if your body is not supporting you.

So, here are some simple and proven tips by following which you can welcome the fruitful and healthy life:

  1. More Fibers and Proteins
    add more fibers and proteins to your meal which will help in improving the digestion system and keep the muscles strong.129860-129441


  1. Avoid taking more calories
    prepare a diet chart for yourself or take help from dietitian for that. They can suggest many things like what to take and what not.Foods-diabetics-should-avoid


  1. Drinking more water
    everyone should take three to four liters of water to keep the body hydrated. It helps you to prevent from many diseases like heart-burn, and the problems related to kidney.ImageGen


  1. Proper sleep
    improper sleep is also a big reason for gaining weight. Typically an adult body needs six hour of proper sleep. We should maintain our biological clock that will help to maintain a good routine. So late night parties, watching TV or video games should be avoided.Woman sleeping
  1. Say NO to smoking and drinking
    you have to stop addictions like smoking and drinking as they increases our weight and stress-hormones and decreases the metabolism of body. It causes dehydration and losses essential minerals from our body.stop-smoking


  1. Say HELLO to cardio and aerobics
    cardio and aerobic will quickens weight loss in your body. They also motivate you to lose your weight in the right direction and provides best atmosphere. Adopt best trainer and strict exercise regularly, and do not leave in between your targeted time because the body can again gain weight by doing so.DSC02739


  1. Green tea
    Green tea is full of antioxidants and helps to raise the metabolism rate of our body. It contains polyphenols that helps to produce the heat in your body and reduces your fats. Drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea will bring tremendous change in your life.Picture of woman drinking herbal tea (green tea) from Alamy

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