Is hockey a national sport or just a myth?

Even after the popularity of other sports like Cricket or Badminton in India, hockey has enjoyed a perfect status and still many are unaware of the fact that hockey is not the national sport of India.

Even the Sports Ministry mentioned in a report that “India does not have any national sport” still many won’t forget what glory Hockey gave to India since 1928 and believe it to be a national sport.

There was never an official notice or confirmation regarding this sport to be declared as the national sport.

It started with the journey of Lucknow, when India set up the bar high by winning six consecutive gold medals at Olympics between the years 1928 to 1956. It came to a standstill due to the death of star player Dhyan Chand who was applauded with many trophies and medals.

During the Olympics at Amsterdam in 1928, India showed a marvelous performance under the Union Jack and its unparalleled distinction, there then it has been declared as the country’s national game.

India had played twenty four Olympic matches in which they have excelled in all of them with the total score of one hundred and seventy eight goals. Later on, some other achievements of the team that must be worth writing are the gold medal in the year 1964 Tokyo Olympics and even the gold medal in the year 1980 Olympics held at Moscow.

It is also there in any book of general knowledge. Even in competitive examinations, an aspirant is expected to know that hockey is our national game. Speaking against the controversies during a report, reply to an RTI query was given by Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports mentioning that the country India has not notified any national game as such.


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