Holding Midfielder: Forgotten Hero

As fans of the wonderful game of football, we never recognise (forget praise) these brand of footballers called ‘central deep lying midfielders’. They may not be known for their goal scoring prowess, or for their assists too but to know their true importance ask the recognised managers and the football players of their respective teams. I am talking about players like Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Michael Carrick, Daley Blind etc.


Hope now you understood what I am talking about. For Man Utd, Carrick has a solitary goal and 2 assists and Blind has a tally of 2 goals and 2 assists this season in the premier league. Similarly for Real Madrid Modric has 2 goals, 3 assists (even though he missed a considerable amount of matches due to injury) while Kroos has 1 goal and 10 assists in all competitions. But still these guys are an integral part of their respective teams. Ask Van Gaal and Ancelotti, if any doubt!!!


Why is that? These guys are not dynamic, not quick, do not have great defensive abilities so why are they important for their teams. The answer is simple; these guys keep the game ticking. These guys make the passes that lead to the key pass. The job assigned to these guys is neither to attack too much nor defend too much. They are the middle men. Their job is to not give the ball into the oppositions hands. And if given, then to take it back.


Nowadays managers do know their importance and many teams have at least one such player. Xavi, Iniesta for Barcelona; Xabi Alonso, Schweinsteiger for Bayern Munich; Matic for Chelsea etc. No wonder these teams are so successful. These players may or may not get the recognition they deserve from fans but they do not fret much on this matter because they know that their manager and their teammates respect them, value them and look upto them in difficult situations.

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