I Hope You Dance

Is dance in our instincts ?

Dance is natural.  Every child learns to dance by moving along the tunes and to the beats of music. Dance is the most beautiful and lucid form of self expression and has the ability to refresh and restore the soul. Dance therapy is proven to be the best for anyone. To relieve stress and tension, dance is the only solution.
Dancing for your self does not need to be as structured as a choreographed dance – it is for yourself- as an expression of your freedom, your strength and your state of mind.

Dancing for yourself is connecting and listening to your body – letting it respond to the beats of the music- letting your mind be carefree and just letting yourself go!

It could simply start with tapping your feet to some good music, swinging your arms or nodding your head with the beats, letting the music seep in slowly into your system.

In the rat race of competitive existence today, we have forgotten to dance for fun, to dance for ourselves. Dance has essentially become a fashion – it is choreographed and designed only to be presented before an audience. Today there is dancing at most weddings in the “Sangeet” function- beautifully choreographed and put together with love and affection by the family and friends of the bride and groom. This function is remembered by all for years to come.

Dance has become a chore – little girls from the age of 6-7 are encouraged to join dance classes. They undergo 7 to 10 years of formal classical training. Once done, that is put aside as an accomplishment, a laurel to be showcased in matrimonial considerations. Dance has been relegated to occasions and celebrations.

I truly believe dance can bring in a perfect balance in our physical and emotional health. We need to kindle the expression of joy and happiness through carefree and spontaneous dance in our daily lives.

So, when are you going to set your inner dancer free?

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