Importance of Sports Drinks (Hydration) for sports-persons.

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Hydration is very important part of our life, especially for Athletes. Water in our body helps us in higher energy levels.  It helps in muscle repair. A hydrated body is free of nitrogenous waste.  It regulates body temperature. Sportspersons use sports drink as a source of hydration.

Research suggests that sports drink is an excellent alternative to plain water. It reduces stomach upset and increases absorption by intestinal muscles.

Losing as little as two percent of body weight through sweat can impair an athlete’s ability to perform due to a low blood volume and less than optimal utilization of nutrients and oxygen. Sports drinks are rich in carbohydrates and electrolytes. The most common electrolyte used is sodium. It retains body fluid and maintains osmotic pressure in blood vessels. It is a mixture of glucose, glucose polymers, and fructose. Some sports drinks also include protein, vitamins, and herbs that affect both flavor and price.

Sportspersons sweat a lot and lose body glucose that comprises of salt. Sodium helps in water retention. They contain sugar, energy, and water for hydration. It prevents dehydration. Sports drink enhances sports performance. It is taken in all stages of exercise. However, it must be taken care not to take sports drinks without physical body exercise as it can lead to increased body weight. It is always best to go out with a sports drink that does not contain large amounts of sugar. Red Bull, Monster, Cloud 9, Blue, and Burn are some of the best sports drinks.

Sports drinks help in longer period workouts, boost energy, prevent both dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. It also eases muscle stress during exercise.

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