Incredible India!- Actually?

Aaaand it’s a six! , Yes it’s a goal!!, Oh no! We missed a basket. The most familiar one is? But obvious the first one, because we are in India. A nation known for its pluralistic, multilingual and a multi ethnic society is home for 1.2 billion people making it the world’s second most populous country. It’s also the origin for games like chess, snooker and other regional games. In spite of all these exceptional qualities of India we still lack in many things mainly sports. Why? Don’t we have good players? Don’t we have good sporting amenities? Doesn’t the government have enough funds? The answer to all these questions is simple. Government, sports federations, media are so much in love with cricket that they fail to understand or comprehend the existence of other games in our country.

indian-womens-team-for-hockey-world-league-round-3-rotterdam-2013-540x255Every person in India knows Sachin Tendulkar, knows the Indian cricket team, and knows where and when the cricket world cup is happening and the history of wins and losses associated with it. Does anyone know that India has won 8 Olympic gold medals in hockey? The first individual gold medal was won by Abhinav Bindra? Did we know Saina Nehwal before her Olympic medal? Sania Mirza before her Wimbledon? An undebatable answer to all these questions is a no. The Indian economy is the world’s Seventh-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity and we still don’t have funds. The Indian woman hockey team stood on roads holding the world cup after coming back to India when Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli had BMW’s, Audi’s welcoming them. A cricketer playing for the Indian team gets 3 lakh for a one day international and a basketball player playing for India gets 10,000 -30,000 for the whole tournament. In 2011 M.S. Dhoni made 26.5 million$ with the IPL win ( Chennai super kings) and the world cup with the endorsements in his basket.

ms-dhoni-chennai-super-kingsIndian women hockey team won the hockey world league championship in the year2014 and the truth is 70 % of us have no clue about this because the media had no time covering this or they might have not had enough place in their newspaper to display this news. The front cover of every newspaper contains Dhoni or cricketers but never the hockey team or players like Geethu Anna Jose( the first woman Indian basketball player who got selected for the WNBA and also won a Arjuna award for her contribution in the field of basketball) to name a few. Every parent wished they had given birth to Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli but not Prashanthi Singh (Indian basketball team captain), Achanta Sharath Kumar (Arjuna awardee for table tennis), etc. Thanks to the Bollywood celebrities who knowingly or unknowingly increase our general knowledge and remind us of players like Mary Kom, Milkha Singh, etc. A child can quit studies as a career and take up cricket as a profession but not sports like basketball, table tennis, etc. why? No future? No money? Thanks to the corruption levels in the sports association of India we have no answers for these questions and we still claim ourselves as “INCREDIBLE INDIA”. It’s Time to rethink of the adjective “INCREDIBLE”.