Is marathon suitable for me?

It is the first and foremost question that comes to the mind before taking part in a marathon. Running for a marathon is completely different from running. You have to stop eating junk food, train hard and have to give up on your social life. Training hours might affect your meetings with friends or relatives. You might affect your knees while preparing for a marathon race. Long distance run damages the heart, affect arthritis and spine. Toenails too can break during a long run.

A marathon is good for you if you are a patient, competitive, and adventurous person. If you want health benefits like weight control, stress reduction, better blood pressure and lower cholesterol then it is very good for you. Running will help you develop self-esteem, less depression, and lower stress levels. People who practice running are closer than they think. They simply need to start running longer distances like 10-12 kilometers or even a half-marathon.

If you smoke or use beverages such as alcohol and beer then you don’t have the vital capacity to take part in a marathon. Also, if you are a lazy person and don’t like running then it is not for you. You have to stop eating oily food. On the other hand, spend on healthy foods and liquids. Drink enough water as its loss can lead to dehydration.

You need to train 3-4 days a week for at least 4-5 months to prepare for a marathon race. If you are a beginner, start to run 3-5 kilometers. Slowly and gradually you will increase your level. Running at least 35-40 kilometers a week is necessary.

Apart from physical challenges you might give up mentally. Be clear and focused on your goals. Motivate yourself in the longer run. Many people start to practice running for short-term benefits like weight loss but later gives up on it.




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