Left hander… A reward?

It is not a golden rule that world is *right* all the time, but it is unquestionable that it is a right-handed world. In sports, we see left and right handers playing extremely well.
Among one of ten sportspersons in India are lefties…And it is a fact that left hander have a superiority over the right hander.

This is why because according to the reports the people being left hander have won laurels and this advantage has bounced into sports demanding rapid reactions and great spatial judgement.

Left-handers have a slight in their skill ability just due to inherently being left-handed.

“If you have a left-hander facing a right-hander, the left-hander would have spent the majority of his time competing against right-handed individuals because they are more common … whereas the right-hander would have had very little experience against left-handers,” the scientist said.

It is sometimes thought that in left-handers these functions are more evenly distributed between the two sides.

As becomes strikingly clear from the list of famous lefties, many left-handed or left-footed sportsmen are actually right-handed in other respects. For example, left-swinging golf champions Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir and Steve Flesch all prefer their right hands for almost all other tasks. Lefty tennis-players Martina Navratilova and Rafael Nadal are right-handed in other respects; etc.

Also, Isaiah Thomas, an American professional basketball player who is a lefty has proved himself quite a number of times in front of the whole world. He believed he could so he did! Once a left shooter James Harden, playing in the same profession said “left handers are crafty, gets into the paint, uses his body well and is always in attack mode.”

However, the main advantage for left-handers in fast sports would seem to be practical. It is an advantage that left handers that they can easily be played against right-handers but for right-handers, a left-handed opponent is a very tricky exception.