Martial arts

Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts has various benefits, and one of the advantages is that it enhances one’s physical health. It helps one take a break from a sedentary lifestyle which according to research might bring about lifestyle diseases that may include diabetes, obesity or depression. It also improves the discipline and general concentration. People who practice this sport are always reminded of the importance of self-discipline. If you choose to practice this sport, you will learn how to achieve specific goals because it has an attainment system where you will be given belts for every target you accomplish. Martial arts is one the best type of individual sports if you are less interested in team sports.

Various types of training


Judo is a Chinese word that means ‘gentle way’ and it involves taking down the opponent and pinning him or her on the ground. Only children over eight years old are advised to participate in the sport. The youngest children start the training at the ‘Kano Club’ then as they progress they are awarded badges and certificates for any goals they have achieved.Judo31


Karate means ‘empty hand’. It mainly stresses on respectfulness and mental attitude. Karate involves knee strikes, punching, defense blocking by using the arms and legs. Karate is documented as one of the oldest types of traditional martial arts.650_420_martial_arts

Tae kwon-do

This type of training mainly instills the development of self-discipline and self-control. Sports-persons are awarded belts that include white for the novices, the lowest rank, and black, the highest rank, called The Grand Master. The colors that are in between those ranks include green, blue, yellow and red.tkd01

Kung Fu

Kung Fu means accomplishment through recognized endeavor. It incorporates a lot of Chinese Martial Arts, and it mainly involves hitting specific parts of the body. Its practice aids in boosting of one’s health as it entails strengthening the body as well as the mind.martial-arts

Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu means ‘Gentle Art’. Many schools teach this sport. It mainly involves hand to hand combat. It cultivates and improves the mind, as it teaches methods through which you can control displeasure, frustration, and rage.brazilian_jiu_jitsu

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do originated from Korea, and if you take it up, you will be trained on ways of stress management, self-confidence, and general physical fitness. It is safe for children aged four years and above. Just like the other types of martial arts it involves a colored belt approach. It has been known to improve attentiveness.maxresdefault




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