Maximize weight loss

If you are an expert on riding treadmill, obviously your target would be on weight loss to have good fitness. After a long workout or exercise instantly you’ll be checking your weight, of course you lose weight and to make it more, high-intensity training (HIIT) is required to, increase your weight loss faster. So here is an good news to increase your weight loss.


For effective weight loss, Sprinting is the most challenging exercise, where your muscles and body systems abundantly meets intense efforts. Spending hours on treadmill and elliptical exercises makes your bore and inefficient. Typically, with regular exercise, your body becomes more static at aerobic activities, which is good for developing aerobic fitness and cardiovascular tolerance. But, when you attempt for high tactical sprinting exercise, ultimately your fat burns and you lose weight.

Is it true that sprinting triggers you fat?


Particularly, at the time of long intense exercise, the sprinting exercise consumes all your oxygen. And after exercise, automatically your body regains all your lost oxygen to the get you to the baseline. During that time, the Exercise post-oxygen consumption (EPOC) is a mechanism which holds your breathing rate at elevation during running and keeps your metabolism and respiration at high-level.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) have researched about sprinting practice comparing with weight loss. And the conclusion was proposed as relating with low intensity exercise, the high intensity sprinting gives you faithful results. Most of people believe that low intensity jogging or walking is good to lose weight. But those low intensity workouts burns your calories to certain extent. The high effective sprinting burns your calories more and it improves your glucose level, blood circulation and also promotes your cardiovascular system.

The new routine to maximize weight loss

If you’re comfortable to start sprinting, there are two ideal ways to get started. The program pulls you twice a week for sprinting and thrice a week for strength training. The days are formulated in such a way that, you’ll get full recovery and legible performance to reduce your weight as much as faster than your regular exercise.

Sunday: Upper- Body Strength Training

Monday: Sprints

Tuesday: Lower-Body Strength Training

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Sprints

Friday: Total-Body Strength Training

Saturday: Rest

Along, with your new style of sprinting, impose a good warm-up to move for an activity and boost your nervous systems to improve your performance because, even that helps you to protect from injury. While it may not fit for everyone, to target effective weight loss in sprinting, because you’ll face high intensity relief , so it is best to get an professional trainer advice before getting into practice..



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