Nutrition and Sports

Have you ever thought why do some people achieve something which is beyond human limits? Sheer will power might be one answer, but when you have “Horsepower” you are a legend!

Sports and other fitness activities is a valuable asset, if practiced in a routine, for excess of everything is bad. All the sports-persons desire to do something extraordinary and make their name in the game. What pushes them across limits is their nutrition!

Nutrition is the most essential part for any kind of sport, be it Badminton, Soccer or Athletics. The overall growth of one`s body depends on maintaining a fine balance between exercise and intake. Sports require unimaginable body support, as the player needs to be on their toes and have razor sharp reflexes. The right intake of nutrition helps balance a body and takes it to new heights.

Fatigue is inevitable in sports; there has been no player in the history of the world who has won a match without breaking a sweat. But when one sees the players play a match, it is very rare that the players will show signs of fatigue and weakness. When a body receives a good amount of balanced diet, the player doesn’t show any signs of fatigue, and thus is able to produce magnificent results. Every human body has reserves of energy which do not get depleted very quickly. The players maintain a rhythm throughout the game to keep the body and breathing in control.

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But yet again, lack of proteins and essential nutrients in the body lead to fatal situations, sometimes may cause loss of life. Perfect nutrition is necessary for overall development. Proteins, Fibre, Calcium and other nutrients give our body, a good supply of energy which helps us run throughout the day.

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So what you have to do, is plan your diet, eat regularly and timely. One thing that people do in their present lifestyle is that they skip meals. The problem is that skipping meals creates deficiency in the body and then when one eats excessively; our body is then unable to digest it all at once. Ergo, perfect nutrition, equals phenomenal sport performance!

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