Pitfalls of health supplements

Health is money. I believe the greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is the health of you. Compromising with health means compromising with oneself. Stop junking as early as possible and eat healthy now as swarm in May is worth load of hay. The precious words of Mahatma Gandhi justifies…

It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver”.

Exercises are the main criteria which contribute to happy health. Almost every third person out of ten in the world is passionate about going to gym and being into shape. Being a chamber of physical activities, gym shapes the body and makes it fit and fine but some people use supplements for quick results but haste make waste.

With the modern era and day to day change, people are finding new and swift techniques to success. But remember there is no shortcut to success. Not only in the gym, but athletes and various sportspersons in a way to increase their performance use supplements in the form of powders, tablets and injections for instant energy.

Our forefathers lived in Stone Age, weren’t they fit without supplements?The pitfalls of Health Supplements used by sportspersons are:-

  1. High Blood Pressure:- Normal Blood Pressure in an adult is generally between 120/80 mmHg. Due to this delicate way of instant zeal, sportsperson are increasing health risks a supplement is a threat to blood pressure and can damage arteries and veins resulting in damaging the whole body.
  2. Affects birthcontrol:- Supplements for sportperson especially women, can make their body parts functioning badly. Our bodies react differently with different drugs and they may interact with the other supplements and can minimize their effect. Antibiotics, HIV medications, antidepressants for medical illnesses, diabetes medications have the impact on birth control pills and they counteract with the effect of birth control pills by decreasing the effect of these pills which can lead to unwanted pregnancies.
  3. Heart Attacks:- Everything taken in access is a threat. Calcium is an essential nutrient which must be taken for energy. A calcium supplement must be taken with vitamin D and magnesium to help the maintenance of the body. Taken in excess can reach the coronary arteries leading to heart attack.
  4. Anosmia:- Supplements are a nine days wonder. The cons of Supplements are that once taken then in the near future they result in inability to see, inability to smell and then you could find yourself in a dangerous situation, unknowingly. For example, without the ability to detect odors, you wouldn’t smell a gas leak, smoke from a fire, or sour milk.

Proper proportion of Vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates as directed by the nutrition should be taken to be healthy. Especially for energy, dairy products like milk, eggs, meat, peanut butter and carbohydrates before going to compete is a necessity. As a result, a supplement for a daily is a snag but once you realize it’s too late.

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