Places Rock climbers must look up to

Life is a packet full of adventures. You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. It is a well said quote that jobs fill your pocket but adventure fills your soul. One such adventure is Rock Climbing.

Rock climbing is the number one adventure in which one has to fight with himself to conquer his fears and build strength, endurance, agility and coordinative abilities. Using your brain to balance the movement of your hands and feet- that’s the real hero! Rock climbing is a danger because climbing to such high mountains from bottom to top is not a piece of cake. You may slip or stumble throughout your adventure, a high degree of specialized equipment will be attached for your protection.

There are ample of places in India for all the freaks of Rock Climbing where they can cast their talent and be amused which are listed below:-

  1. Parvathi Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Parvathi Valley is one of the best and amazing valleys in Himachal Pradesh. If you want to go solo then you would love the peace and calm in that area.

Portrayed by a large number of snow capped blooms and rough outcrops, it is considered as one of the best spots for rock climbing in India, the most admired yet rough trekking area is found in Himachal. There is a lot more than what can be writer but the serenity and peace people enjoy that cannot be expressed in words it can just be absorbed and felt.


  1. Pythal Mala, Kerala

Pythal Mala lies 4500 ft. over the ocean level, found 66 km from Kannur region, expanded place that is known for widely varied vegetation, enveloped by authentic gorgeous greenery. Therefore, Rock Climbing in Pythal Mala is one of the best rock climbing decisions in the country. People in dozens come to this place to experience the marvelous rock climbing missions that are conducted annually.



3. Susunia Hills, West Bengal

Susunia Hills are a delightful experience for all experienced and fresher.

It’s an excellent place for rock climbing. If you are looking for new experience then you must go to susunia hills. You will definitely try to climb the rock. It must be a better and little different. But don’t forget when you climbing the rock you must need shifty. The top view from the Susunia Hills is amazing. It looks like you are in another world.


  1. Dhauj, Haryana

Dhauj is a location in Faridabad near Haryana, 55 kms from Gurgaon. The stunning mountains at Dhauj offer a fascinating and unbelievable strategies and a mixture of decoration that is ideal for a thrilling activity. Put on the line, run a risk, take a part in and give your best. The activities include Monkey Crawl, Tarzen Swing, Machan Climb, Natural mountain climbing, Rappelling, the skill of crossing a river and artificial rock wall can also be found.



5. Damdama Lake, Haryana

Being the biggest lake in Haryana, Damdama Lake is famous for its peaceful vibes and creating a calm atmosphere. One can have a full-fledged fun day out there! They offer a number of adventure sports like rock climbing, river rafting, scuba diving etc. This scenic lake is a gateway for all the people in and around New Delhi. There are no permanent rocks in Damdama Lake but there is a set up around the lake in the form of Artificial Rock Climbing.