Play what you love…Love what you play

Undoubtedly, there are number of people round the corner mystified, finding their peace of mind and struggling with themselves for years since the beginning of their careers and still aren’t sure that Where to go?!

It is the passion that empowers you to be able to do that thing you were created to do. There are some interests and hobbies which one is unable to find till eternity just because they still haven’t discovered themselves actually! Just stop going into different streams every other time.

At first you need to ask yourself two questions which will help to create a vision with a clear path.

Can you play this sport for 7 days continuously without taking break?

Can you fail for several times and still play this again?

If the answer to these simple questions is yes then Here You Go!

Just remember how you have grown up. What were the things you loved doing as a child? It can vary from playing kho-kho to football to driving a sports car. Those were the times when there was no pressure to study or to get a good job in the race. Find out that one thing which no one can beat you and then you can achieve laurels… Atleast give a try!

On analyzing, try to find a passion different from the mainstream. You can give your best only to those activity which you are good at and have a little skill of that so that you can excel in that. Imagine you getting up early, jumping out of bed and getting excited to work every single day full of enthusiasm and zeal.

The career must not always concern with moneymaking. It is the fire in you that lits the candle of your dreams shaping you into a successful person.