Prevention of Sports Injuries

The life of a sportsperson is very valuable. Sometimes a sportsperson gets such injury that he can not take part in sports again. In this way, his sports career may come to an end. However, many types of sports injuries may be treated but even then it is a fact that prevention is better than cure. That is why most of the athletes or sportspersons want to reduce or eliminate the chances of injury while performing training or participating in the sports competition. Sports injuries decrease the amount of time a sportsperson may spend on sports training. Even sometimes, due to injury, a sportsperson can not take part in sports competition. It may have a negative impact on the sports performance. The famous sports scientists suggest that the injury rate can be reduced by 25% if sportspersons take appropriate measures for the prevention of sports injury. Some of them may include:-

Proper Warming
Before sports training or participation in the sports competition, proper warm-up is essential. It definitely reduces the chances of getting injury because muscles  remain in tone up position after getting proper warm-up. A proper warm-up routine should be of minimum ten minutes. Start warm-up with a few minutes of gentle exercises, such as jogging or slow running. Such type of warm-up is always helpful in reducing the chances of the sports injury.

Proper Conditioning
It is a well known fact that many injuries are caused by weak muscles which are not ready to meet the demand of the sports or games. So, for getting proper muscular strength, power conditioning of the body is essential. Weight training and circuit training methods are significant methods of proper conditioning. These methods of conditioning also improve the neuromuscular coordination which is also helpful in preventing sports injury.

Balanced Diet
Balanced diet is also essential for the prevention of sports injuries because of the lack of essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D, etc. make bones weak. Weak bones usually lead to sports injuries. Hence, balanced diet can prevent the sports injuries upto some extent.

Proper Knowledge of Sports Skills
Proper knowledge of sports skills is beneficial for preventing sports injuries. A sportsperson should be efficient in performing the related sports skills. For example, a high jumper should have proper knowledge and efficiency in landing skill. If he is not efficient in this skill he may get injury while landing. So, if you have deep knowledge of the sports skills and are efficient completely in performing those skills you can prevent injuries upto some extent.

Thus, use of proper techniques, Obeying to the rules of games or sports properly helps in the prevention of sports injuries.

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