Rahul Dravid – A Gentleman of the Gentleman’s Game

Cricket as it is usually called is a gentleman’s sport and we have seen quite a few gentlemen who have graced the sport with their on-field and off field mannerisms. One of the modern star who is regarded as the finest gentleman of the sport is none other our own Rahul Sharad Dravid. Besides being a classic, well accomplished batsmen that he is Dravid is considered as the most gentle of them all. Here is why he is called so.

When Rahul Dravid introduced himself:

Do the celebrities in India ever need to introduce themselves? No, definitely not. Because they are the house hold names people easily associate themselves with. But Rahul Dravid chose to differ. Here is it how it turned out to be.

Once a marketing executive wanting to meet Dravid was waiting by to meet him in a hotel lobby. Rahul, an accomplished star by then arrived on time for the scheduled meeting and when the marketing guy introduced himself to Dravid, to his pleasant surprise Dravid said “Hi, I am Rahul. Nice to meet you” in reply. A kind of response which you don’t expect from someone who is famous. Isn’t it?vbk-04-dravid_1542141f

A perfect father:

He might have a calendar where he has to spend most of his time out of town but Dravid always made sure that he spent time with his children whenever possible. A parent of a child who studies in the same school where Dravid’s children studies shares that Dravid was a regular in school for picking up his children. Even when he had matches scheduled for in next few days Rahul found time to drop his children to school. And the specialty of it is he has never been found late. Well that’s a lesson to all parents who excuse themselves from such task stating tight schedule.293200_436484903061241_431061636_n

Being kind and Humane: 

Once a die hard Dravid fan was admitted in hospital for cancer and his chance of recovery was grim according to the doctors. His biggest wish was to meet his idol at least once in his lifetime and his friends made an honest effort to contact Dravid. One day they got a call from Dravid who informed them that he had read their mail and is very sorry that he couldn’t come in person as he is on a tour. He promised them for a Skype chat with his fan which he did for almost an hour the next day. This gentle act of kindness shown by this gentleman brought a smile on a dying face, enough to touch anyone’s heart.rahul-dravid-delivered-a-speech-at-the-sir-donald-bradman-oration

What will Celebs do when they are called by their names?

Either they don’t mind or walk past them as if they don’t care. But Dravid has chosen to be different, It was in Australia when two friends walking on a road found someone familiar walk past them. It took them some time before they realized that it was Rahul Dravid. One of them in their excitement called out “Hey Rahul” Rahul turned back smiled at them and was happy to share a photo and give his autograph to them.rahul-dravid-cover

A humble gentleman:

Harsha Bhogle in Rahul Dravid’s last T20 international match quotes this:

In a career that is marked by grace, style and beautiful batsman-ship, it’s a slog that’s ended Rahul Dravid’s career.xdravid-816x544.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Q4AK20LG0G

But once again, it was what was needed.
And the last line sums it all ! 🙂