Running tips from the Flying Sikh: Milkha Singh

Milkha Singh has a story which is hard to imagine for almost every one of us. Being orphanage at the age of 12, he has toiled for achieving respect and dignity in life. Some tips that we can attain from Milkha Singh are:-

1.    Set goals and work for it

During his school life, Milkha Singh used to run in hot sand to reach home early. Later he used to run at the top of trains to steal coal. During his Army life, Milkha ran for his desire to have milk and to be free from exercising daily. Then, for his dignity, his desire to earn a blazer with India embedded on it made him win the race. Later he started running to make his nation proud globally.

Hence, aim higher as a man without ambition is similar to bird flying without directions.

2.    You need inspiration, training, guidance and well wishing to achieve success

Milkha Singh’s sister, Isri Kaur has a backend support with his performance and success. She stood as a pillar of strength and motivation for him. With god’s grace, Milkha got the best coaches namely, Gurudev Singh and Ranveer Singh who stood as a mentor throughout his running life.

Similarly, you should have an inspiration which you could look for and follow on and the support system like wellwishers and trainers which rectify your errors and provide you with feedback.

3.  Challenge yourself daily and adapt yourself to new environment

At first, it was difficult for Milkha Singh to wear shoes but his mentor, Gurudev Singh asked him to wear as he should welcome the new challenges in life.

Similarly, one should fight against his struggle and must have an attitude of “I won’t lose, come what may.”

4.     Life is a path full of thorns and stones

During Milkha’s first few runs, he ran barefoot throughout the race by which he hurt his leg still somehow he got selected because of his determination and willpower to attain favourable outcome.

If you don’t fail you will never know what doesn’t work. So, never worry when you fail because failure is the first step to success.

5.    Eat healthy and exercise daily

Milkha Singh spent all his life after dairy products like milk, eggs and ghee as during his eager to earn 1 full cup of milk and 2 eggs made him win the race during his Army camp. Also, it is better drinking a lot of water- to balance the water content during and after workout

Today, at the age of 85 he is fit because he has a good nutrition from his birth and he exercises atleast three times a week.

Hence, to ensure good run: eat light, breathe deep, exercise daily, live moderate and create cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life.

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