Salaries Detrimental to Sports

In India, Sachin Tendulkar is the equivalent to God. In Uruguay, Luis Suarez was welcomed back a hero, post the FIFA world cup. It goes without saying that athletes like Leo Messi, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant are not only emulated but have also attained “legendary” status.

We live in an age and time where Sports have become an important part of almost everyone’s lives. The athletes, big or small, are watched over like hawks by the media. Every high-jink and escapade is deliberated and denounced. So should we not ask ourselves, if someone sacrifices their liberty to act and have that action scrutinized and criticized irrespective of its real agenda, does that someone not deserve a good pay? Of course, the main criteria of the high pay is them excelling in their respective field. A sports personality has to watch every move that he/she makes, even simple pictures or casual remarks have massive repercussions nowadays, so in my opinion, their high salary is rightfully earned.


Moving away from the athletes, my stand on high salaries being detrimental to sports is the same. High salaries are not detrimental to sports. Earlier, a sport was played to entrench and enhance the relationships between two or more different communities or nations. Today, it is a viable career option; a son can proudly tell his parents that he aspires to become a sports star. Atleast in my country, this was not possible a decade ago. With the amount of money that multinationals are pumping into sports, everyone is being spurred to excel as an athlete. Wherever monetary benefits are involved, greed will come in, yet, in sports, the passion and love for the game has always triumphed. If this wasn’t enough, this growth has resulted in newer jobs and professions being available for the ever growing population. All in all, I can adequately state, that the high investments in salaries and also development have improved the quality, competition, adherence and acceptance of sports all over

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