Sehwag Cricket Academy’s Baby- Junior Pitch

Kids should be groomed form a very early age if they wish to make the big stage and make a name for him. Training at the grassroots level makes the foundation of future players very strong and they become technically sound. The Sehwag Cricket Academy has certainly kept this fact in mind as they organized a cricket tournament named Junior Pitch for the kids to showcase their talent at a very early age and make great progress. U-14 kids compete against each other and they get a taste of the competitive environment of Cricket in Delhi.

Junior Pitch was founded with the aim to develop the child as a team player in the society and to make them physically fit. It helps in building character and developing discipline. This tournament teaches the kids the fundamentals of the sport. This brings out the competitive spirit in a child. The bonds between the parents and kids become stronger in these kinds of outdoor events. These tournaments make them mentally strong and make them accustomed with tense situations and how to take correct decisions at crunch moments.


The Title Sponsors of this Event were ONGC Junior Pitch.

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We would like to take the take opportunity to thank our friends who extended their hands to make the event a hit. Their contributions have made many kids see the bigger picture. The kids dream about playing in competitive games along with their friends and our Sponsors have made their dreams come true and made some to dream more i.e., playing in the Indian Colors at the International Stage. Without these sponsors, the thought of this event would not have been possible at all. Whole hearted thanks and congratulations for all. We look forward for further assistance in the future.


The Finals of the Junior Pitch Tournament were held at the Jamia Milia Islamia Sports Complex, Delhi where the Harsha Cricket Academy emerged as the winner. Both sides played acknowledgeable cricket which was admired by all of the people present. This wins gives the players the much required boost and make them more interested in developing their skills and temperament. Cricketers like Virender Sehwag think about the next generation of Cricket and by providing these high quality facilities, it becomes easy for the kids to have a look at the real world of cricket around them. The infrastructure present in fantastic and unquestionable.

harsha cricket academy

The Harsha Cricket Academy came out victorious in the Junior Pitch tournament. This tournament was a Litmus test for the kids who love playing cricket rather than any other motive. They proved that they have nerves of steel as they defeated the other participating teams to achieve such an interesting feet at such a youthful stage in their life. They not only outplayed the other teams by their cricketing skills (batting, bowling and fielding) but also showed great temperament to hold on and win the trophy. The boys received their winning Trophy from the Great Viru Paaji… Virender Sehwag. Their excitement glistened on their faces.

Youngest player of the tournament- 7 year old Devyansh kohli

This 7 year old kid, Devyansh Kohli was the youngest star of the tournament. This kid showed that age is no bar when you have the will and determination to do anything. Passion for a thing makes certain people separate from the crowd. At this tender age when some doesn’t even know to hold a bat properly or bowl a ball without chucking or even the very basic skills for playing cricket, this kid played in a tournament along with seniors. This kid has showed some serious Guts and passion for Cricket. All the best wishes to this kid for his future.


Sebastian Young once said – “Talent without enthusiasm is like Ferrari without Fuel.”

This phrase is quite easy to understand and is true in many ways. These kinds of tournaments for the kids are the best place for them to showcase their talent and make a name for him. Kids are like little plants who when gets water (motivation) gets enthusiastic and when ignored, it can be very harmful for them. These kids always need backing from their parents and coaches. Parents at home and mentors at the pitch should always motivate the kids and make them follow their passion. Though these mementos won’t last long but these little acknowledgements make huge impression in the betterment of the kid’s future.

runner up MRV school

These kids showed great professionalism and played with their hearts out. If anyone who is not passionate or enthusiastic enough, can never be a big shining star in the universe of cricket and will never make place in the heart of other people. Virender Sehwag was present during the finale and gave away the awards during the award ceremony. This was a great boost to the confidence of the kids who has seen Sehwag Hit those world’s best international bowlers feared by most of the batsmen over the boundary ropes.

Virender Sehwag’s Cricket Academy has showed the way for the other stars. His noble effort will help the kids to pave their way in the field of cricket. We as sports lovers should appreciate his efforts and try to contribute to the Indian sports in our own way.



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