Shaolin Soccer- American style!

Puzzled and somewhat entertained was honestly my reaction when I finished or rather endured watching the” Yale” goalkeeper save 5 penalty shots..let alone using only his face! And what a sight his face was after the plight… This I can say for certain that the shaolin monks never saw this one coming. All I could possibly relate to this anomaly is the mother of all parodies in the world of football; “Shaolin Soccer”! Ooh yes, nothing is more thrilling to football fans than having Kung-Fu in it…but if Shaolin Soccer was like an embodiment of Kung-Fu fictitiously into Football this seemed like a bare knuckle boxing match! Where it could be argued that ball may have won.

I mean common, a chair to sit upon so to be able to sit and keep…that one was, hmm unexpected, well I guess that’s entertainment of sorts, hell after all said and done; seen and thought about, I was in an amused state of mind and why not I had just seen someone being utterly dismantled by a football, that I guess does deserve a laugh.

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