Smog : An invisible barrier for decreased results


For those of us who live and exercise in the city, the potential health risks of breathing a cocktail of air pollutants are a very real concern. Delhi is having a long fight to abridge Air Pollution. Recent reports of prevailing Smog in Delhi have troubled the life of an athlete during both training and competition. Sadly, coping with poor air quality is not new for the world’s top athletes.

Fears are growing that during sports, athletes, who take in much more air than a sedentary person, will take in high levels of pollutants such as particulates, nitrogen dioxide and ozone could suffer pulmonary irritation, chest pain and decreased lung capacity. Such a situation would be a disaster for reputation of the state. If there was higher ozone levels for the day, the subjects tested achieved a lower aerobic fitness score.

They can limit outdoor exercise to either the early morning or late evening as during these times that ozone levels are the lowest. Experienced runners know that using a treadmill can never replace the thrill of running  by thrashing into the wind. So its better to go to a forested area or the city where the air is cleaner.



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