Stay healthy in a bizarre way.

Cheese, chocolate, pizzas, donuts, cakes, all of it and so much more, its mouth watering divine food indeed! Just as tantalising and irresistible this all sounds, all the more need to stonewall them. The appetising taste comes at the cost of sky high calories.

In the world of doodads and dingus, the machinery seems to have taken over the physical aspect of work. With less of bodily workout and more of chancy fattening food, the concern of health and fitness is of utmost concern.

Physical burnout is the obvious silver bullet to the situation, but some other ways, probably the easy kooky ones are what this article talks about.

Laughing your way out:

The daily dose regulates sugar level in blood and adds to a better aura around. Also, giggle fests work tummy muscles to process faster.

Looks like the funniest of people will make the most fat friendly pals.


Cookery skills it is:

Cooking in itself burns fat, moreover, not eating some lavish menu at a restaurant adds to it all. Cooking classes and cookery shows can teach you the skill of losing some additional calories.

Divide and conquer:

Sealing of small portions in different packages has been proved to be really useful. A box full chocolates, and a packet with two chocolates each, the better pick is obvious.opening a packet every time makes one realise the quantity of intake.

Colour dishes:

Well weirdly enough, the mind psychology does work on colours. Red symbolises caution and stoppage. So being colour considerate while using crockery might just turn out to be weight chummy.


Cleanliness freak:

An apple pie order inspires cleaner healthier food. Junk and snacks are usually related to messy places. Hence being tidy can assure a healthy diet.

Save the bread:

Saving the bread for last, can regulate the carbohydrate intake to an apt level. Restricting the amount of carbohydrate, one can lose weight.

Go slow:

Eating at slow pace, gives time to your body to absorb the energy and nutrients from the food, this makes you feel full on the stomach and hence cuts off your appetite in a healthy way.

Drinking oil:

One can loose pounds by drinking 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil between meals twice daily. it can curb the intake of excess food and control the calories effectually. unfamiliar foods fool the brain to think our body must get starving and hence it lowers the set point causing weight loss.

Pamper the tastebuds:

Spitting out food without even swallowing it gives you the satisfaction of the taste of it without actually adding to any extra body fat.

Mirror mirror on the wall, ”Who is the slimmest of them all?

Watching your own self eating, makes you feel conscious, this makes one sensitive to the amount of food they are eating, and thus cuts down on excess bingeing.


The corner seat:

Sitting at the less accessible end of the table, makes the food a little inconvenient to approach. This makes one eat less than they actually would have had the seat been more comfortable with respect to food serving.

Darker the better:

Well the dark light makes the body feel lighter. An experiment on mice proves that mice in dark were less prone to obesity as compared to the other category. Bright light animates food at odd hours and the feeling of an empty stomach without actually having one.

These are some of the off beaten little ways that might just help to work on the gingerbread body lumps.

After all, it is these tiny things that add up to make a considerable difference.

Being weird can be the different way to keep an able bodied check.

This can be the new contagious healthy attitude, be the carrier, and hoist the trend

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