Sterling – Sterling or Dispensable?

As Liverpool gear up for a relatively happy ending to a relatively disappointing season, every match has all the analysts and pundits lending their opinions, protection and disappointment alike, towards Raheem Sterling. Several suggest that the Sterling Contract Issue represents what is wrong with modern football. The 20 year old has taken the football world by storm.

Sterling’s on-field performances and off-field shenanigans have accumulated several followers as well as a wide range of detractors. Many Liverpool faithful initially impressed by his tenacity and focus are now frustrated and would not mind seeing him leave. Greed has plagued mankind since the outset; is Sterling guilty of the sin? Let’s scrape beneath the surface and explore other explanations to his behavior:

1) The Golden Boy. The Jamaican-English attacker won this honor and is certainly on a high. His energetic performances at the club are always exciting to watch. The fans (right until the rejection) have had his name on their lips. So maybe, just maybe, like every other human being, he’s trying to squeeze Liverpool Football Club, as much as he can.

Raheem Sterling

2) On the other hand, maybe Raheem is just stalling Liverpool talks just to see what the market has to offer. Think of it as you keeping your options open when in demand for a job; stalling one offer in the hope of a better one. Likewise, here Sterling would be stalling the once great Liverpool FC, to see if the now-great clubs could try to jostle, push and shove to attain his services.

3) His Agent. The degree of truth is anything but clear, but the man handling his contracts has always been at the centre of his contract negotiations (recall – his adult contract at Liverpool).


Sterling’s on-field capabilities are there for everyone to rate. Maybe he doesn’t deserve the ‘Golden Boy’ tag just yet. However, it’s well within the realms of reason to believe that the nitrous-inhaling, sheesha smoking, “greed-filled” Raheem Sterling is not wrong in rejecting (if not stalling) the Liverpool contract. Even if he knows, worst case scenario, come September, 2015, his agents can chat the gaffer up for a contract similar to the one he has just rejected.



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