With the approaching summers it is very important for a person to stay fit and healthy. There are many problems related to the excess heat that the summer brings. Due to global warming the average temperatures in summer has also risen a bit and it is now hotter than the previous summers. In such a scenario it is very important to look after yourself and maintain a proper health so that you can stay active and fit throughout the summer.

Dehydration is one of the major problems in the summer. We should keep a check on the water level in the body and should rehydrate ourselves regularly. Now rehydrating does not always mean drinking any kind of fluids which we see. High calorie beverages are not a good option for drinking when you are thirsty. They add unwanted calories in the body and even do not remove the thirst completely. Lemon water, electoral, etc. are a very good alternative to this as they are low in calories and even act as a very good rehydrating agent.


Fruits are a basic component in a person’s diet during the summer. These have a lot of water and even act as detoxifying agents. Fruit juices are also a good option provided you are in a place where natural fruit juice is given without any mixing of water or other flavors. Watermelon in summers is the best one can get. It has enough water, loved by people and even a detoxifying agent. The option which everyone looks for is obviously “a watermelon a day keeps a doctor away” in summers rather than an apple.


Apart from diet workout is also an important aspect of staying fit. As it is the summer, early morning workout is the most suitable for a person as it is fresh and cool and a bath in the hot after a workout gives a refreshing feeling. Early morning walk is also an alternative for people who do not get the facilities of working out. Swimming is another very good option for people as it refreshes a person. After all the day’s work an hour in the pool in the evening can be very relaxing.


All these physical works should be done either in the early hours of the morning or after twilight. The reason being any physical work has a lot of use of energy and if this is done during the day time then a lot of energy would be wasted as extra energy is required to keep the body cool. Therefore it would be a waste of much important energy during the summer.

For kids it is the summer vacation and they have a lot to enjoy as they get a month or two free from their school life. But along with enjoying they should look after their health as “A feeble body weakens the mind.” Summers are there for enjoyment, but you should look after your health as well and enjoy to the fullest. It is the vacation season and is meant to be enjoyed. Stay fit, stay blessed.

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