The 12 Most Important Reasons To Be Healthy

Many, many years ago a new form of pandemic emerged in India. It was 6 feet tall and spread like a wildfire in the peak of summer, among forests which was drier than the wells in the Thar Desert, doused with Acetone and powdered over by Thermite. The name of that pandemic was Amitabh Bacchhan.

M_Id_379038_Amitabh_BachchanThe infected were in for a lifelong affection with the man. Lately, the nation is gripped by another pandemic, thanks in large once again to Bollywood. The name of this pandemic is ‘6 Pack’ and it has already caught millions in its ravage. Ask any one in these millions and they will tell you the benefits are more than just ‘eye deep’, with a hint of superiority over your naivety to even consider that your protruding paunch is any way shape or form satisfactory. They will say the benefits are “much, much more.” But we heard it all before. Longevity, Healthy and Happy are some of the more mundane reasons as to why we all should go out and exercise. But what about going further than the mundane “much, much more” and looking at reasons that perhaps escape the gym instructors and countless health gurus would not think to convince you that exercise is the smart choice. So how much, much, much more than the usual “much, much more?” reasons are there to be fit and healthy?


1)      If you are a teenager, it’s almost guaranteed that one day you will get in to some form of trouble. In situations like these a good level of fitness is essential to escape from the clutches of your victims.

2)      Once you go to the college, it could help if you are physically as intimidating as possible or you will be just another one of the countless victims your college seniors are sure to eye up for a special ‘welcome party’.

3)      For the women, take less time to dress. Loose dresses are always easier to get in to.

4)      Also there is no need to round off your weight in to the nearest smallest whole number.

5)      And why not wear that high heels that you always wanted to wear. Also, to make that senseless idiot finally shut up about his ‘pregnancy’ jokes and scissor kick those bastard ‘Eve teasers’.

6)       And if you are driving to college, then you could save some gas. Why pay for all the extra ‘luggage’?

7)      You will also have more energy to do so many more things outside the ‘life sucking environment’ of your class to bring some life back in.

8)      On one of your visits to McDonalds you will be less of a target for the ‘funny (not so)’ guys than the more exceedingly generously proportioned gentlemen in front of you.

9)      You can actually have the delicious burgers and chips without the guilt that your weight is out of control because we all know that they are much, much, much better than the sauce-less, meat-less, salt-less healthy alternatives.

10)   And when you eventually leave McDonalds to go back to your dorms, there will be less of a chance of a meteor hitting you on the way.

11)   Have more room to move about in the seats at the theatre. If it’s a Bollywood movie, sitting like an over-packed onion bag in a seat so many sizes too small can be uncomfortable.

12)   And finally, do you want to be the one who is out of breathlike there is not enough air in the world when walking along with that girl/boy that you are interested in for just 20 meters?

I am sure these 12 reasons are some of the most convincing you have ever heard in your life. If they are not,  let’s just go back to the more proven benefits of exercise: Longevity, Healthy and Happy. So why wait any longer? Follow the millions and enjoy the countless benefits, both proven and somewhat nearly proven.

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