The future Indian sports

The history of Indian sports started from Vedic era. Ideally the religious rites have powerful physical culture in ancient India. “Duty is in my right hand and the fruits of victory in my left hand” are motivational slogans of Olympics that time. Even at some time these words the motivational oaths of Olympics. But today thighs were totally changed and technology were fed into sports; dramatically Indian sports have reached the peak of excellence. We Indians having such strong foundations in sports, but the paining fact is,

Are we Indians only capable of six medals in last Olympics?


Starting from the results of Indian last Olympics held in London, 2012, at some corner the questions are found that,

What could be made for future Indian sports?

India, the rapid developing country faces success in all fields, but when comes to Olympic sports then, our country struggles to make it more, when comparing to other countries.

Have you remember “Inspire a generation” the 2012 London Olympic slogan. Fortunately, background of Indian players is mostly from sports area or from rural families. And that proves the chance of offering more opportunity to the future generation young Indians. If revolution to be done, then things must be changed accordingly, here are some factors to make our young generation to inspire in sports.

So what could be remedy?

Education on sports: Schools should provide real essence of sports to the young minds and those who are naturally or genetically talented will pick their right profession in sports.

Family support: As down in dumps Indian families, encourage their children to become doctors and engineer, but not a sportsperson.


Government view: Fine, government offers many chances and quotas for the young sports players, but unfortunately there is no specific institution that welcomes talented sports persons from the root level. And this problem pulls away the real passionate players to change their track in different domains, even though if they are talented. Eventually, the issue forces the government to take measures and solutions for the benefit of Indian sports.

Just similar to IITs and IIMs the government should start IIS (Indian Institute of sports) that provides world class sports education and training to the young national players. And that allows entire country to support for sports and rural peoples and students to get awareness about sports and games. Also the young budding players will create their Indian hopes for sporting world.


This practical way of building a new revolution in Indian sports could lead India to be finest countries in sporting. Because still India holds, lots of hidden sports and games in corners of the countries. If proper institutions are initiated then India can dedicate that to bring out talented sports persons and support them to grab while education underway.

India strongly believes that future young generation must be the hope upcoming Olympics.